Dear Class 7D,

a few days ago my family and I visited the Wartburg. The Wartburg is near by Eisenach. Martin Luther hid himself on the Wartburg.

On the Wartburg he translated the bible into German. Yesterday we in Weimar, where we learnd about Goethe and we visited the memorial of Buchenwald. Now we are in Dresden and we live with friends. The house is very beautiful, it is an old farm directly at the river Elbe. This morning we had a tasty breakfast and then we had to learn for the school. This afternoon we will visit the City of Dresden. Maybe you look up, where Dresden is.

How are you? I am fine and maybe you can write a letter to me also. I would appreciate it.

Yours Paul

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  1. Frau Aller

    Dear Paul,

    thank you for your report. We are going to read it in our lesson on Friday:)It is nice to hear from you. Our class trip last week was great. We had a campfire, did a treasure hunt, built a zipline and did a night walk. We were sad that you couldn’t be there.

    We look forward to reading your next report 🙂

    Take care,

    Ms Aller


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